Freelancing: Join the gang!

Want to find out how Freelancing can be an awesome way to work for yourself?

Where you can work in an area you love, while reaping all the rewards for your skills?

Okay, we’re willing to admit that sounds cheesy but we just had to find out more, so we managed to get a minute with Chris Adiolé.

Chris Adiole

Chris is the Founder and CEO of Primeaspire, an exciting start-up leading the revolution in freelance marketplaces.


Q. Thanks for taking the time out to speak with us Chris! For people new to the industry what does Freelancing mean?

A. Freelancing probably means something slightly different to each person you ask and it follows that everyone will probably have their own definition of what makes a good freelancer!

For me, the concept of freelancing is very simple:

Freelancing is undertaking a task or project without the need to be employed by the person (or company) offering the freelance project.

This means that the freelancer will be responsible for all sorts of things, from managing their own time to managing their finances for the projects they undertake.

Q. That sounds great for people who like being independent and would like to be able to choose their work hours! So what makes a good freelancer?

A. Yes definitely! Glad you asked! We believe that a good freelancer is someone that can manage their time adequately, manage their clients’ expectations, deliver the project as agreed with their clients, and honour their tax liabilities.

Q. What advice would you give to people wanting to give freelancing a go?


A common misconception is that you can only properly freelance as a full-time career path.

In reality, if you have a skill or talent then you can undertake freelance projects. Whether you want to boost your income or gain experience in a particular industry it’s a great way to do both.

I would also suggest that if you are considering becoming self-employed or looking to a start a company, then freelancing could be a good place to start in order to grow your confidence and gain valuable experience working for yourself.

With Primeaspire it is very easy to start freelancing. Once you complete your first freelance project you’ll realise how easy and enjoyable freelancing can be!

Q. That’s exciting to know how easy it now is! Lets say now I’ve signed up, how should I price my skills and talents?

A. That’s a very good question. It is very important for freelancers not to undervalue their skills.  This is because it can lead to you losing interest in the project and in turn failing to deliver the work according to the agreement with your client.

With Primeaspire, it is possible to set your price per hour, per project, or simply negotiate to agree the right price for you.

If you are starting out as a freelancer, then you should consider what the market rate for your services are and then use that as a benchmark to set your price and/or negotiate from there!

As a freelancer you are completely responsible for the services you offer, so take into consideration your costs and the current market rate when setting your price.

In order to retain your existing clients and attract new clients, your prices should be competitive, but remember not to undervalue your skills whatever you do.

Charge a fair price.

Q. That’s solid advice! If you do end up failing to deliver the work agreed upon you can receive negative feedback. What happens if you do get bad reviews?

A. We encourage users to discuss the project in detail on the platform before any work commences, and to keep the line of communication very much alive during the course of the project.

Discussions on the platform can be reviewed by Primeaspire if a complaint is later made by either the freelancer or their client.

Therefore, if a complaint is made to Primeaspire about a particular review, then we have the ability to investigate the matter and deal with it appropriately.

Q. It’s been awesome getting the chance to pick your brains on Freelancing so thanks again Chris! Before you go, how are you getting on with your launch of Primeaspire?

A: The launch is going great, thanks! We’ve worked hard to keep Primeaspire as simple as possible for both freelancers and those looking to hire freelancers.

We’ve also intentionally avoided bidding systems that are currently used by many freelance platforms. Bidding for projects  require freelancers to bid against each other and therefore put those freelancers in a disadvantaged position.

On Primeaspire freelancers can simply send private proposals if they see a project that fits their skills. Users can also contact and discuss with freelancers directly on the site about their projects. We believe that this strikes a fair balance.

We have a series of additional features that will further improve our site and better the experience for both users and freelancers on the platform, so don’t forget to check back on us!

 Q. Fantastic! Well done and good luck for the future Chris, oh, oh and final final question how do I get started on Primeaspire?

A. It takes less than two minutes to join Primeaspire – we’ve checked! Sign up via our website, it’s quick and easy to fill in your details and then you can start finding freelance projects or skilled people to complete freelance tasks and projects, no matter how big or small!

Cheers Chris!