Day 2: Ideas to Mega

Day 2 was in-depth. We had homework in the form of personality tests and videos to watch before hand and then more personality tests in paper form to show where our strengths and weaknesses maybe lie.

Steve Harrison from Scottish Enterprise (who was taking us for the day) really started bringing in the concepts and inspiration thick and fast with 179 slides on blitzscaling and showing us to break our business journey into chunks from solo/co founders to a family to a tribe to village, city with potential questions and problems to solve at each stage as each stage has specific problems that you need to focus on.

I had seen a few of Reid Hoffman’s lectures (on youtube) at Stanford on Blitzscaling which I think helped me understand what he was meaning as the word really hasn’t taken off like others have in the startup world – like unicorn and disruptive.

Intriguingly he also showed us a quick TED talk too about analysis done on the keys to startup success and the top two were timing, and team/execution.

Something I had maybe overlooked but now seems an obvious insight. Like most startup advice, hopefully it helps but ultimately there’s a lot that’s quite general and some even contradicts which is very helpful. -.-

As they say…Past performance doesn’t guarantee future success.

He also mentioned how Scottish Enterprise functioned in relation to Elevator and where they can help us later on in our path – in terms of grants and more programmes to apply for.