Day 1: Intros and Vision Boards

Today being the first day of the program was nice and relaxed, with introductions taking up most of the morning from each of the participants about themselves, their businesses and unusual facts about themselves, which were quite funny.

Just before breaking for lunch we were given a challenge to create two vision boards of where we want to go personally and where we want the company to go.

It was interesting seeingĀ participants having strong materialistic goals: yachts, money etc, which was great to see people were happy sharing and being open so early on in the course.

I guess that says a lot about Andy the accelerator’s leader has quickly made a great atmosphere where people feel comfortable sharing in. Also lots about people wanting provide a good income for them and their family and an example to their family to follow/be inspired by.

Here’s the vision boards I set:


Displaying IMG_1648.PNG


Displaying IMG_1647.PNG

Each person had 30secs to 2mins to talk about each and Andy asked a few questions to dive deeper. Above all it was a very positive experience – obviously helping to make us feel comfortable getting up and presenting ourselves and our visions.

There wasn’t any feedback given, which I’ll maybe ask about later. But that was maybe a good thing, as it stands to say you’re the leader and what you say is fine, no-one is going to say you’re doing it wrong, because it’s up to ourselves to work that out anyway. -which is what they make specifically clear at the start.

They are not here to accelerate our business. We are here to do that, we just need to try to use their resources: space, time, connections to do that.

Looking forward to Day 2!