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October 16 / Blog

Jose introduces his startup venture Nextub, his process to building a beta app and his experiences innovating in a slow moving industry.

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September 12 / Blog

Inspiration can come in many different forms.

Creating great music can be a lot like creating a great product.

After stumbling upon Cass, an up and coming band from London. I was immediately hooked.

So I caught up with them to find out more about their creative processes.

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September 8 / Blog

Tim talks to us about Startup Weekend, Getting Acquired, How he built his MVP and on Landing a Seed Investment. Wow.

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April 19 / Blog

When we first came across the website for Kickdrop, we were blown away.  These guys have style.

We  caught up with Bilal Mechairia to find out more about Kickdrop, the team and what it’s like  behind the scenes! Read MoreBilal gives us the inside scoop on Kickdrop!