Artistic Inspiration

Inspiration can come in many different forms.

Creating great music can be a lot like creating a great product.

After stumbling upon Cass, an up and coming band from London. I was immediately hooked.

So I caught up with them to find out more about their creative processes.

Rhys Whipps

Rhys Whipps is the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist for Cass, a band combining a multifarious blend of musical genres.

Cass have been together for little over 3 months and they’re already starting to build up a big following, playing gigs and festivals.




It’s safe to say Cass is attracting attention. What do you think has worked so well for your band and what’s the secret behind your success so far?

I think so far the band is reaping the rewards of hard graft.  Since the birth of this project, we have all put our heads down and focused not only on making the best music we can but on promoting our music in the most effective way we can.

which in turn seems to be opening the doors to a lot of exciting opportunities that may not necessarily have been available if we’d sat on our laurels and blindly hoped.

“We try to keep the process as organic as possible so that we’re not trapped in a forced cycle.”

There seems to be huge array of different methods to making music, what has worked for you and what’s your music and writing process like?

Our creative process seems to differ from song-to-song so I wouldn’t say that we have any set method, although all of our best music seems to stem from a guitar riff and kind of spiral from there!

Lyrics are always last to be added to the mix (even though vocal patterns tend to be experimented with from the off) but for the main part we try to keep the process as organic as possible so that we’re not trapped in a forced cycle.

What do you want to do next, where do you hope to be 1 year, 5 years from now?

We are currently working alongside a London-based label to record and promote our debut professional EP early in 2015, so in the next year we will hopefully be capitalising on the strides we’ve made in 2014 and further expanding our fan base throughout the UK.

5 years is a long way ahead, but it’s safe to say that by this point we will all be looking to perform our music as a full time occupation and to be playing at the biggest festivals the UK has to offer…so watch this space!

What has had the greatest impact on your music?

Our music is focused around the scenarios we face in everyday life – from the tragic to the mundane. Some singers find their inspiration while dreaming about success. We like to keep it real and find ours in the present.

Music is a big factor of course, everything from At the Drive-In to Zebrahead (via Jamie T)!

When you hear the word successful what does it mean to you?

 To us in Cass ‘success’ will be when the band becomes self-funding and we can stop working, allowing us to focus on our music full time.

If you could give one piece of advice to band that’s just formed what would you say?

Don’t ever compromise on the quality of the music. The first step towards becoming an even semi-successful music act is to produce good, passionate, authentic music.

I see so many artists who get wrapped up in the image of being a famous musician/act that they forget the music itself is the smallest but most important step of the 1000 that lead to becoming a recognised, professional musician.

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